Routine Cleaning

Routine Cleaning

Weekly, bi-Weekly, every three weeks and monthly service by appointment is by far the best cleaning package Jessy Cleaning Cleaners has to offer because we maintain the cleanliness of our client’s homes.

Our preferred clients have chosen the weekly package because they entrust us not only with the week-to-week cleaning, but also to be there on time, to take care of their home and to take care of them. Our clients depend on us to do the best job we possibly can from start to finish. They continue to use us as part of their squad because we don’t let them down.

Reasons for your House Cleaning


1. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks
2. Countertops and back splash cleaned
3. Appliance exteriors cleaned (oven, refrigerator, dishwasher)
4. Clean microwave  (inside/out)
5. Clean toaster oven (inside/out)
6. Clean range top
7. Clean burners
8. Fingerprints removed from door frames, switch plates
9. Damp wipe cabinets doors
10. Dust windowsills
11. Dust the door jamb
12. Clean table and chairs
13. Trash emptied
14. Baseboards dusted
15. Remove cobwebs
16. Floor vacuumed/washed/moped floor
17. Place all dirty dishes into dishwasher


18. Clean, scrub and sanitize vanities, sinks and backslashes
19. Clean, scrub and sanitize showers and bathtubs
20. Toilets disinfected inside and out, including base
21. Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
22. Mirrors cleaned
23. Dust windowsills
24. Towels changed (if left out)
25. Trash emptied
26. Baseboards dusted
27. Remove cobwebs
28. Dust the door jamb
29. Floor vacuumed/washed and disinfected


30. Linens changed (if left out)
31. Make Beds
32. All areas dusted/remove cobwebs
33. Mirrors cleaned
34. Vacuum under bed (if accessible)
35. Trash emptied
36. Dust windowsills
37. Dust lamps
38. Dust hanging pictures
39. Dust the door jamb
40. Remove cobwebs
41. Baseboards dusted
42. Floor vacuumed

Other living areas, including hallways and stairs:

43. All areas dusted
44. Glass tables cleaned
45. Dust lamps
46. Dust hanging pictures
47. Dust the door jamb
48. Sofa, chairs vacuumed
49. Light general straightening completed
50. Windowsills cleaned
51. Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
52. Remove cobwebs
53. Baseboards dusted.
54. Floor vacuumed/moped


55. Clean the windows from inside (If are reachable)
56. Wash one set of patio doors windows (inside).

Other task:

57. Water plants.
58. Clean ashtrays
59. Pet friendly

Optional cleaning tasks available (extra charge):

60. Clean inside the refrigerator
61. Clean inside the oven
62. Clean inside of cabinets.

Cleaning Inspection

Scheduling An Appointment

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